Bhutanese Culture in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutanese Culture

Bhutan is a physically secluded nation and so it has been able to prevent its culture from the sway of external culture. The rich cultural heritage and tradition of Bhutan is dominated by hints of iridescence which marks the distinct Bhutanese culture. The diversity of the country is symbolized by the plurality of its culture.  Buddha Point Tours & Travels unfurls the ancient Bhutanese culture and tradition making Bhutan Tourism a worthwhile venture. The Land of the Thunder Dragon should never be given a miss and we tell you why.

Land of Monasteries

The austere lives of the monks should be an inspiration for us. The head of each monastery is known as Lama in Dzongkha language which is the official language of Bhutan. The monasteries are generally located high up in the mountains which give a magnificent spectacle of the bewitching nature. The official religion of Bhutan is Vajrayana Buddhism which upholds the sanctity of the serene monasteries.


Play on the Food of Love – Music

The soulful music of Bhutan has traditional genres such as Zhungdra Boedra and a modern genre named Rigsar. A prominent Bhutanese musicologist is Jigme Drukpa.

Gho – Kira

The official dress code and behaviour  of Bhutan is Driglam Namzha which conducts the way how citizens should dress in public and behave in formal settings. Men wear a heavy knee-length robe called a ‘gho‘ which is tied with a belt and women wear ‘kira‘ which appears to be ankle-length and it is worn over colourful blouses. The dresses are usually made of cotton or wool but silk is used for special occasions and festivals. This interesting dress is a must buy for all the fashionistas out there.

Gho and Kira

Festivals of Bhutan

Masked and costumed dances (‘cham’) is the central activity of the religious festival known as ‘Tsechu’ which are basically social gatherings and are held for ten days. Thongdrels are unveiled during this festival and the unrolling is a part of the Bhutanese tradition. The applique religious paintings of ‘thangka’ has been an essential aspect of Bhutanese culture as the mere glance of it is said to purge the sins of the beholder. Sword fight is also an event of the festivals and the revered fire dance is another performance of Bumthang envisaged to help childless women. The dances are weened to confer blessings on the spectators and participants.


 Facts of Bhutanese Culture

The Buddhist stupas  are believed to be protective shields for the Bhutanese people and is a major tourist attraction. The association of the national tree, cypress, is apt with the Bhutanese people as it grows in bleak conditions just like the inhabitants who know how to remain loyal through thick and thin.


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